• Sorter MFS-10H-SM

    Sorter MFS-10H-SM

    Separation process of lithium battery sorting machine:

    Turn on the main power supply and switch on the load.

    Turn on the key switch on the main control equipment.

    Press and hold the switch on the main control equipment to change the working state of the battery sorter from pause to work.

    Turn on the computer and run the simulation test program.

  • Sorter MFS-10G-SM

    Sorter MFS-10G-SM

    The lithium battery sorter adopts a new hopper type automatic feeding structure, which is high-speed and stable, has no impact and scratch on the battery, and is suitable for direct manual whole box feeding of different material boxes, and can complete uninterrupted production.

    The 18650 lithium battery sorter adopts a high-precision and high-stability internal resistance detector for the detection part and a high-speed and high-stability feeding mechanism for the feeding part.

  • Sorter MFS-10HM-ZDSL

    Sorter MFS-10HM-ZDSL

    18650 lithium battery sorter is divided into: 2-stage sorter, 6-stage sorter, 10-stage sorter and 20-stage sorter (maybe called 2-channel sorter, 6-channel sorter, 10 channel sorter and 20 channel sorter).

  • Feedback type battery aging machine(May payment)

    Feedback type battery aging machine(May payment)

    The aging cabinet is mainly used for testing the charging and discharging cycle of finished lithium batteries. The testing items include: battery charging protection voltage, discharging protection voltage, capacity, etc. The equipment has charging, discharging, shelving, and cycling four testing steps. The battery can be tested according to the set process by editing the corresponding steps.