Lithium battery pack aging equipment

  • Feedback type battery aging machine

    Feedback type battery aging machine

    Generally speaking, the aging cabinet machine is used to simulate how long the lithium battery can be used in our daily life. For example, it is as if we have produced a battery pack for an electric vehicle, and the produced battery pack cannot be sold directly.

    The customer will usually ask how long it takes to fully charge the battery pack, as you know the data need to be test and measured, therefore we can use the equipment – battery aging cabinet, which is to simulate the battery pack once charged How long can the electricity last.

  • Feedback type battery aging machine(May payment)

    Feedback type battery aging machine(May payment)

    The aging cabinet is mainly used for testing the charging and discharging cycle of finished lithium batteries. The testing items include: battery charging protection voltage, discharging protection voltage, capacity, etc. The equipment has charging, discharging, shelving, and cycling four testing steps. The battery can be tested according to the set process by editing the corresponding steps.

  • Aging cabinet

    Aging cabinet

    Product Features 1. Advanced and mature technology: Adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment to create a product with extremely low failure rate, extremely high stability and good cost performance, so that customers can use it with confidence, worry and happiness. 2. Safe and reliable use: The aging cabinet products are equipped with over-temperature sound and light alarms, tungsten wire protection switches, high-temperature wires, explosion-proof bulbs, optional exhaust systems, sm...