Lithium battery sorting machine

  • Sorter MFS-10G-SM

    Sorter MFS-10G-SM

    The lithium battery sorter adopts a new hopper type automatic feeding structure, which is high-speed and stable, has no impact and scratch on the battery, and is suitable for direct manual whole box feeding of different material boxes, and can complete uninterrupted production.

    The 18650 lithium battery sorter adopts a high-precision and high-stability internal resistance detector for the detection part and a high-speed and high-stability feeding mechanism for the feeding part.

  • Sticker & Code Scanning&Sorting All-In-One Machine

    Sticker & Code Scanning&Sorting All-In-One Machine

    The product is suitable for welding in 18650 26650 21700 32650 electric vehicle battery pack, electric bicycle battery pack, automobile battery module, street lamp battery pack, balance car battery pack, scooter battery pack, mobile power supply, starting battery pack module, electric tool battery pack, energy storage power supply battery pack and other fields. Automatic compensation of welding pin, water cooling and heat dissipation of welding head, very beautiful welding effect, elimination of false welding, self current welding detection, high-end quality, durable, one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance!

  • Sorter MFS-10HM-ZDSL

    Sorter MFS-10HM-ZDSL

    18650 lithium battery sorter is divided into: 2-stage sorter, 6-stage sorter, 10-stage sorter and 20-stage sorter (maybe called 2-channel sorter, 6-channel sorter, 10 channel sorter and 20 channel sorter).