What should be paid attention to when welding with automatic spot welding machine?

In the welding process of the automatic spot welding machine, the common problem is: the welding point cannot be penetrated during the welding process and splashes are generated, which leads to the poor welding quality of the spot welding machine :

(1) The welding point is not penetrated, the nugget is not formed or the formation is not well formed

1. No leakage, that is, there is no “bean-shaped” nugget placed during spot welding. This shortcoming is very dangerous, it will greatly change the welding strength. Battery spot welder

2. Debug the welding parameters. If the verification confirms that there is no problem with the parameters, it is necessary to check the main power circuit, such as whether the power supply is sufficient, whether the welding transformer is damaged, etc.

(2) Too many automatic spot welding machines

1. Check whether the insulation resistance between the bracket and the body is poor, and whether a partial short circuit is formed.

2. Check whether the contact surface, such as the flexible joint of copper, is seriously oxidized, and the formation of contact resistance will increase the heat generation.

3. Check whether the thickness of the welding seam and the continuity of the load meet the requirements, and whether the welding machine is overheated.

4. Check whether the water inlet pressure, water volume and water temperature are appropriate, and whether the system is separated by dirt, which will cause the electric arm to overheat due to poor cooling.

(3) Accidental spatter during welding.

1. Check whether the current is too large or the pressure is too low.

2. The strength of the welding workpiece is lacking: the welding current is getting smaller and smaller, and the welding phenomenon is not strong. Pneumatic gantry spot welding machine

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Post time: Oct-19-2022