What are the safety standards for automatic spot welding machines?

All actuators are wired to a circuit. This circuit directly powers the electric motor and solenoid, and operates electronic valves to activate the hydraulic system. Valves control the path of pressurized fluid flow within the machine. For example, if the robot were to move a hydraulically-actuated leg, its controller would open a valve that was fed by a hydraulic pump to the piston barrel on the leg. The pressurized fluid will push the piston, rotating the leg forward. Typically, robots use pistons that provide bidirectional thrust so that parts can move in both directions.

1 Scope of application

This regulation specifies the relevant regulations for the safe operation of spot welding machines. This regulation applies to the company’s spot welding machine operation.​​

2 main content

2.1 The welding machine should be located in a dry place, stable and firm, with a reliable grounding device, and the wires are well insulated.​​

2.2 Before welding, the voltage should be adjusted according to the cross-section of the steel bar. If the welding head is found to be leaking, it should be replaced immediately, and its use is prohibited.​​

2.3 Wear protective glasses and gloves during operation, and stand on a rubber sheet or wooden board. The working shed should be built with anti-personnel materials; it is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials in the shed, and fire-fighting equipment should be provided.​​

4. The contact points and electrodes (copper heads) of the circuit breaker of the welding machine should be regularly inspected and repaired, and the cooling water pipes should be kept unblocked. 1.2 No water leakage or exceeding the specified temperature.

Post time: Jul-26-2022