Lithium battery assembly automation production line (manned)

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For how to automate the new energy vehicle motor production line, we can realize it from the following aspects.

Layout of new energy vehicle motor production line: In the assembly production line, the equipment type is configured according to the process flow, and the equipment is reasonably configured according to the requirements of the production rhythm. The operation direction should be unified, and the equipment spacing should be as small as possible.

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Lithium battery assembly automation production linesd

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Auto motor production line assembly line parts supply: adopt the principle of "multi-frequency, low-volume, just-in-time", set up supply logistics technical equipment, determine supply storage volume, storage area, and supply logistics development rules.

In the process of automobile motor production line, product streamline logistics and storage: implement the principle of "single piece (small batch), one-time circulation", clarify the storage location and storage quantity, and configure the corresponding logistics equipment.

Application Areas

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Logistics storage of WIP between processes of automobile motor production line: In principle, the storage site is concentrated on the production site, and the maximum storage quantity and minimum order quantity of WIP are clarified, so as to realize the “5S” fixed management, and clarify the corresponding storage service mode and configuration. logistics equipment.   

Production operation mode: According to the production rhythm, the production rhythm of "one person with multiple orders" is implemented.

After-sale service

Staffing: Implement the principle that the completion time of man-machine work can be separated, the work cycle development time should be fixed, and the work content should be repeated work.

Production plan: According to the production capacity and production rhythm of each process, indicate the production volume and progress, and implement the principle of "balance" on the premise of combining the sales plan with the production plan.

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